Sportronic - Electronic Sports Equipment
Made in Germany

SPORTRONIC, since 1990 a Specialist for comprehensive Sport Solutions

SPORTRONIC is a company where all spheres of electronic sports equipment meet.

Since 1990 SPORTRONIC engineers, craftsmen, programmers and service staff offer integrated solutions for economic and effective use of the latest technologies concerning electronic timing, data-processing, scoreboards, infoboards, PA-systems, illumination - in brief for almost everything that concerns electronic and sports.

The company is divided into 4 product ranges:

  • Timing
  • Data Processing and Information Technology
  • Stadium Equipment
  • Event-Service


In this area SPORTRONIC offers different, technically high-grade chronometres of the series "Time-Master" and measurement sensors. These are developed, manufactured and sold according to national and international guidelines.

In this scope of products there are:

  • printing chronometres
  • PC-based timing system
  • photo-finish-systems which are able to record results with image- and time-information (video and linescan)
  • passive and active transponder timing- and identification systems

as well as transducers like

  • starter guns
  • electronic starting flaps
  • start barriers
  • starting clocks with acoustic start count-down
  • swimming starting systems with optical and acoustic signal
  • starting blocks with radar-false start sensors and start reaction time measurement
  • light barriers (reflective and infrared)
  • light switches
  • touch pads

which can be connected with SPORTRONIC timing systems through cable or radio.

A special section in this timing area is concerned with Training- and Analysis-Systems. For effective training SPORTRONIC supplies systems like:

  • mobile and stationary sprint-diagnostic-systems
  • Time-Master and special software for data-visualization and long-term analysis of performance data of individual athletes in table form and graphic form.
  • Laser-Pacer
  • video-motion-study-systems
  • special sensors for physical values (e. g. way, power, pressure, time ...)

Data Processing and Information Technology

Modern information systems must inform the audience and the athletes themselves on current events. For this purpose we recommend our

  • time displays
  • LED-matrix-displays for graphik and video
  • scoreboards

Innovation and technological progress made SPORTRONIC tie the organisational efforts, cooperation with broadcasting stations, the use of helpful equipment, as well as measurement and scoreboard technique together into a network, in order to make the complete course of events more efficient for the athletes, the audience and the promoter.

These complex data processing systems are called DAVIS-systems and comprise

  • DAVIS-Live-Informations Systems
  • DAVIS-Networks - connection via cable, radio and mixed forms
  • DAVIS-Software for specific applications

Manifold as the possible applications

  • indoor (in sports halls)
  • outdoor (stadia, in nature, in and above water)
  • mobile - on vehicles
  • stationary - in sports halls and stadia

are the technical solutions realized by SPORTRONIC.

Stadium Equipment

Requirements for flexible

  • floodlight systems
  • indoor illumination
  • public address systems
  • data processing
  • data processing networks

become more and more elevated in order to arrange attractive media events.

SPORTRONIC verfügt über geschultes Fachpersonal, um all diese Forderungen bzgl. SPORTRONIC disposes of well-trained, qualified staff and can therefore meet all these requirements during

  • project planning
  • assembly
  • high power current installation


For technical service during sports events SPORTRONIC disposes of a large pool of

  • jury vehicles
  • sound-trucks
  • show-trucks
  • info-trucks
  • public address systems
  • timing systems
  • photo-finish-systems
  • active and passive transponder-timing-systems
  • live-result-service
  • live-information-technology

Qualified staff supports you and your sports event.


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