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Sprint Diagnostics Measurement Track at Sportschule Kaiserau

Sprint Diagnostics Measurement Track at Sportschule Kaiserau 

for Running and Sprint Training of Fußball- und Leichtathletik-Verband Westfalen

The following components were projected, manufactured and incorporated in this fixedly installed light sensor measuring system:

  • 10 double proximity switches with an operating range of about 2.50 m, height adjustable by means of a slot between 1 m and 1.70 m (related to upper proximity switch), gap between proximity switches 30 cm
  • A starting block with integrated radar false start sensor and starting loudspeaker. As soon as an athlete enters the starting block, it will be automatically activated. An acoustic starting signal can be heard consisting of 3 tones, the third tone (= starting signal) is a little bit higher. When the athletes leaves the starting block, the start reaction time is measured.
  • Central control unit and power supply of the entire system, integrated in a lockable cabinet.



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