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Sprint Diagnostics Measurement Track at Sports School of German Federal Armed Forces

The Sprint Diagnostics Measurement Track at the Sports School of the German Federal Armed Forces in Warendorf

Linear Sprint Training with additional Tablet-PC for Remote Control of the entire System

The Sports School of the German Federal Armed Forces primarily instructs young corporals and officers to become qualified sports trainers. For this purpose the sports school's equipment in the athletics hall was complemented by a 110 m long sprint diagnostics measurement track with 7 measurement points at 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 100 und 110 m. Each measurement point is equipped with double photoelectric proximity sensor to measure intermediate times, split times, and finish times. From there further data can be calculated, such as speed, acceleration ...

At measurement point 0, representing the start, the installed double photoelectric proximity sensor can be replaced by external sensors. This training system comprises a starting block with radar sensor for measurement of the start reaction time.

The measured data can be stored either in an internal database or exported into a suitable external database to make longterm analyses and to compare athletes.

The measurement track can be operated in two ways:

  1. directly at the central control unit through the integrated touchscreen panel PC
  2. by remote control of the central control unit through a tablet-PC via WLAN radio control



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