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Starting Shot Sensor with Cable Connection

Starting Shot Sensor, Type STI 01, for Starter Pistol

A Standard Product for Competitions

The starting shot sensor, STI 01, is available as cable-linked (STI 01) or radio-linked version (STI 01F). It can be screwed to the end of any starter's gun barrel by means of an adaptor (starter gun not included in delivery). At the frontside of the starting shot sensor there are sound absorbing holes. The starting shot sensor is triggered by detecting the acoustic pressure caused by the explosion of the blank cartridge. The starting shot sensor is maintenance-free and impermeable to splash-water.

At the rearside of all versions there is a red LED with which the timekeeper at the finish is able to indicate to the starter that he is ready for the next race, i. e. clearance to start.

  • If you use the cable version and the timekeeper at the finish and the starter have an additional headphone-microphone-combination, they can talk to each other, as voice signals and timing impulses are transmitted through the same cable.
  • The radio allows 2 frequencies in the range of 868 MHz.
  • The radio-transceiver, type TS01-TR04, connects the radio starting shot sensor with the timing system. It is connected with the timing system's start socket through a cable.
  • If an extended radio operating range is necessary, the standard antenna of the TS01-TR04 transceiver can be replaced by a directional antenna.



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