Sportronic - Electronic Sports Equipment

road races (athletics)

road races (athletics)
  • Antennas and Accessories

    Many varieties - the optimal solution for every application

  • Catalogue Athletics

    122 pages full of pictures and information on our Products and Service around track and field

  • Catalogue Event-Service

    Service, timing, transponder timing, photo-finish, data processing, result service, radio equipment, PA-systems, broadcast vans, show- and info-trucks, TV production, as well as personnel for rent.

  • Catalogue Scoreboards/Info Boards

    Time displays, scoreboards, graphic LED boards, video boards, outdoor- and indoor versions

  • Catalogue Transponder-Timing

    Details concerning active and passive Transponder-Time-Master-Sytems, used as timing system andd/or lap counter

  • Display Board, Type KGA-LED

    Precise Measuring Technique visualised for the Audience, Athletes and Trainers

  • HF-Transponder-Time-Master 03, Type TTM-HF 03 

    Active Transponder-Timing on land, in water and in the air

  • Passive Transponders

    battery-free, maintenance-free, re-usable, made for TTM 03- and TTM 05-systems

  • Starting Shot Sensor, Type STI 01, for Starter Pistol

    A Standard Product for Competitions

  • Transponder-Time-Master 03, Type TTM 03 

    Small and compact for one finish channel. Quick setup.

  • Transponder-Time-Master 03 Set, Type TTM 03-Set

    For smaller road race-, duathlon-, triathlon-, and skiing-marathon events.

  • Transponder-Time-Master 05, Type TTM 05

    For larger Detection Areas with Ground Antennas.

  • Used Transponder-Time-Master 05, Type TTM 05

    for less than half of the original price

  • Vision-Time-Master 07 - High Performance Colour Finish Photos as Frames or in Scan-Mode - simply switchable

    You don't have to decide on one system.Take all 3 of them....

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